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Give your people a chance to grow, work on their self-esteem, improve and feel fulfilled at work.

  • identify your competencies and share them with your team
  • find a mentor and use your full potential
  • get a cohesive team tailored to your needs

Happiness Index

Direct study of employee satisfaction that always brings positive changes!

  • gives you insight into the moods and needs of your employees on a continuous basis
  • allows you to have a dialogue with your employees, which is especially useful for teams working in various locations.
  • gives you the ability to react immediately to negative changes and prevent excessive and unnecessary staff turnover

Kudo Cards

Appreciate, show gratitude and strengthen team relationships!

  • the ability to show appreciation, feedback and support with one tool
  • open communication based on respect and mutual appreciation
  • a tool that is available to all team members, even in remote working conditions,

Market & Merrit Money

Create your own benefits cafeteria – without external providers or commissions and on your own terms!

  • every user can submit their initiative idea
  • you and your employees define the catalog of services and products according to your own needs
  • you can use three types of initiatives the way you need to

Feedback tool

Communication, appreciation and motivation in everyday work – the ability to immediately react and model the team’s actions in response to situations that arise.

  • the ability to provide feedback in a remote manner
  • a single tool that supports the feedback methods that you prefer
  • increase in employee motivation and engagement by clearly defining goals and requirements


Manage your team even more effectively!

  • define roles and associated responsibilities, and then assign team members to their roles
  • dynamically adapt to the context and changes occurring in the organization.
  • notice staff gaps and the real workload of individual employees


Organise all of your topics in one place! This is the end of searching for old e-mails and files everywhere.

  • create individual walls for every of your team, project or departament
  • sort posts using specific hashtags
  • keep all the information updated without creating new threads
  • attach files and graphics in posts and comments


Create a TO-DO list for every team or project – the app will notify you so you won’t skip a thing.

  • assign tasks for your teammates
  • set a deadline to not to miss a trick
  • leave a note, comment and attach files needed


All the conversations in one place. 

Social Culture Book

Explore values that are important to your people and cherish them everyday!

  • observe how the good energy flows and use it to strenghten your team
  • see how those values live and change
  • take care of integrity and sens of belonging among your people

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