You decide how much you spend.

2€ per user

3€ per user

1€ per user

3€ per user

Or take all of them for a flat price

7€ per user

Commonly asked questions

How does the trial work?

Starting from the registration – you can use the application for 30 days without any charges or limits – just add as many users as you need and experiment!

Will you charge me when the trial is over?

No, we wont. While registrating we don’t ask for any of your credit card information so unless you determine to pay, you won’t be charged. It’s only up to you!

What if I need more time for testing?

We will be pleased to extend your trial. Just contact us and we will take care of it 😉

For how long I have to pay?

Only for as long as you need to use our application. No commitment –  but you can stay with us forever 😉 The calculated price is billed per month so you can resign whenever you want!

Can I ask for your help with implementing in my company?

Sure! We are always ready to help or advise. Furthermore, we give you our Knowledge Base you can freely explore and (hopefully) find answers for all of your questions. If there is a need to help you lead the proccess of implementation – we will contact you with our technical partners who will oersee it from start to finish.

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