How to prepare the User's Profile?

To see all the settings just go to the gear icon on the left and find sections responsible for User’s Profile setup.

To personalise the elements you just need to chose whitch elements are good for you. Just tick the boxes and save the changes.

To make the process easier – we prepared a little crib sheet for you below 😉

  • Personality test – it’s a space for users to describe/declare their type of personality. You can use any possible personality test that fits you.
  • User’s DNA is a tool thet helps people to get to know each other – specifically in the work environment. You can change the number of blocks or the questions anytime.
  • Motivators are an additional form of feedback for employees – they can use it to let you know if their needs are satisfied and if they are able to grow in their workplace.
  • NPS
  • Favourite Quotation
  • Shared feedback
  • Kudo Cards – all the received by user.
  • Statistics concerning given, reveived and lost points.
If you have any questions contact us and we will help you 🙂
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