The right time and the correct response increase the chances of success!

To start studying the Happiness Index among your employees, you need to answer two questions:
  • How often should the Happiness Index be measured?
  • What does my team’s happiness depend on?
The HI should be measured at least once a month, once every 7 days would be best. With this frequency, you will not miss any situation that could have been prevented.

The questions you ask during the HI survey should be a source of feedback for you that will help you make a real difference. You can ask how your employees feel about their current responsibilities, whether the current situation in the company is satisfactory and whether working with a current client is pleasant.

However, be sure to ask for things you can really help with, if there is a problem. Only in this way, will you be able to gain confidence and at the same time take control.

If you have already decided what questions you want to ask your employees to support them in their daily work, select the 3 most important ones and enter them into the tool.

Thanks to this, at the intervals you set, users of the tool will be shown a mini-survey consisting of:

  • three consecutive windows with the specified questions,
  • a 5-score answer scale under each question,
  • fields for additional comment.

Just 3 questions to ask?

In our experience, this is the optimal number of questions to get enough feedback to take the first steps. Answering these 3 questions takes up only a little of a team’s time; this is accomplished by selecting the appropriate satisfaction score. In this way, it does not pose a problem nor does it become burdensome.

How is HI calculated?

The app automatically calculates the user’s satisfaction scores for each question. The statistical average of these three answers is the result of the user’s Happiness Index. You can also use charts to control HI across your organisation or individual teams.

Working with people, you are repeatedly convinced that not everyone is able to talk openly about their problems and needs.

The Happiness Index module solves this problem by allowing you to have a dialogue with your employees without the need for direct contact, which is especially useful for teams working in various locations.

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