Using people's potential and managing employees' competencies.

Successfully building and managing a team involves not only organizing activities and effective communication, but also recognizing talents and sharing experiences. With the Skills module you can identify your interests, key skills and a plan to develop them or, if you feel up to it, become a mentor and support the development of others.
This tool has two main use cases:
  1. Yourself – thanks to this you can evaluate your abilities, plan the development of the areas that are important to you and find a Mentor who, thanks to their competences, will be able to help you in your self-development.
  2. Your supervisor – this way, he or she is able to select a close-knit team that meets project needs while properly utilizing the potential and interests of the team members.
Due to the fact that the app collects the data automatically, you have 4 ways to use the Skills module:
  • to see the levels of advancement of every skill the employees declare,
  • to create charts showing the proportion of available employees and actual use of their skills,
  • to create and monitor personal Growth Plans,
  • to estabilish an internal Mentoring and Recommendations System.
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