Why should I use Happiness Index?

Monitor your employees’ moods, reduce staff-turnover
and collect feedback at the same time!

The Happiness Index is a module of the TeamToolbox application for the direct study of employee satisfaction. Depending on the aspects studied and the frequency of the study, it produces different results. However, no matter how you use the Happiness Index (HI), implementing it always brings positive changes.
In holistic terms, the Happiness Index is primarily a form of feedback, and applying it to your daily work gives you insight into the moods and needs of your employees. We don’t need to stress how important this information is in remote working conditions, do we? 😉

And what, exactly, does “Happy at Work” mean?

The feeling of being happy (or unhappy) determines our behaviour, well-being and motivation.

The feeling of happiness gives us more strength to act and more motivation; in this state we make decisions faster and better. We are more willing to take on new challenges and are reluctant to get into conflicts.
Being unhappy, we not only put much less energy into the tasks we carry out, which means reduced motivation, but it also increases our stress level, which makes our decisions less thought out, having been taken through the prism of negative emotions.
There may be thousands of reasons for both, but speaking of work, it is hard to deny that the best fuel for happiness is a sense of agency and control.
We feel least happy when there are changes around us that we do not agree with and over which we have no control and we feel even more so when such changes impact on the situation in which we find ourselves.




 Nothing comes naturally and it is even harder to be responsible for something that can make a difference, so we will give you some tips on how to build a foundation so that you can research the Happiness Index for your organisation.

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