In the era of rapid changes and growing market demands, the key to success is effective communication and teamwork. That’s why we introduce TeamToolbox – our answer to the challenges of modern work.

At TeamToolbox, our mission is to redefine the way teams work and communicate. Drawing from the philosophy of Management 3.0 and Agile, we emphasize mutual appreciation, tailored motivation, regular feedback, and transparent communication.

We focus on organizational culture

We are a team of experts from various fields, from software to marketing. In response to the challenges of modern remote work and the need to create a human-centric organizational culture, we created TeamToolbox. Our tool offers modules that will help you in:

  • Cultivating an appreciation culture (Merit Money, Kudo),
  • Providing feedback,
  • Creating a cafeteria system and CSR,
  • Monitoring employee satisfaction,
  • Efficiently building teams,
  • Effective communication (Wall, TO-DO, Chat),
  • Constructing a Social Culture Book by the community.

Our Story

The idea for TeamToolbox originated as an internal startup within our software house ISOLUTION. As enthusiasts, we wanted to create workplaces where people come first, which led to this platform. By promoting the idea of a business with a human face, we believe that satisfied employees translate to satisfied customers and business growth.

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s golden circle model, we defined for our project:

  • WHY: We believe in a business with a human face.
  • HOW: We build an organizational culture based on trust, appreciation, and communication.
  • WHAT: We implement the ideas of Management 3.0, CRISP DNA, Agile, and our own original concepts.

What do we offer?

In our TeamToolbox platform, you will find various modules, such as: Competencies, Kudo Cards, Feedback, Happiness Index, Market Initiatives, and Chat. Additionally, we provide a User Profile with DNA and Employee NPS, allowing you to monitor employee satisfaction levels.

Join the Communication Revolution!

Our solution was designed with your team and success in mind. If you want to learn more about how TeamToolbox can help your company reach a higher level of efficiency and job satisfaction, contact us. Together, we’ll reshape the face of modern communication and teamwork. We’re waiting for you!

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