Wha was the TeamToolbox app created?

Few years ago we decided that we want our software house to be known for it's exeptional organizational culture.

After all this time speaking loudly about culture, appreciation and using people’s potential we managed to consociate many people with similar interests and similar attitude. Finally, in 2017, we started to organise meetups  Managemet 3.0 Warszawa for all our friends and all the people, that share oyr point of view. 

Teamtoolbox was created based on our experience gained during those meetups in connection with our beloved Simon Sink’s paradigm –  the golden circle


We believe in people-oriented business. Happy employees let our clients to be satisfied and our business to grow.
Using people’s potential by being a part of a team built with exeptional organizational culture based on:
  • job satisfaction,
  • trust,
  • constant feedback,
  • communication,
  • appreciation,
  • nonmaterial motivating.
All the solutions and attitudes from Management 3.0, CRISP DNA and Agile that inspire us, we implement with a little bit of our own ideas to make most of them on the way of enhancing job satisfaction and successful collaboration.